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Little Ships Fleet Yacht Club
(Established 1937)
 233 Marina Dr., Long Beach, Calif. 90803   Phone: 562-242-9937  Website:

   Thank you for your interest in Little Ships Fleet Yacht Club. While there are other yacht clubs that are bigger with grander facilities and services, we feel that we occupy a cozy corner of the yachting community that may be just the right size with the least expense to you.

   If you are interested in joining Little Ships Fleet Yacht Club, there are two basic requirements:

       1. Initiation fee of $100 and annual dues of $125 (prorated quarterly)
       2. One sponsor

   The sponsors can be reached by contacting the Membership Chairman or by e-mail. By speaking with you directly, we can better provide you with additional information and find out about what you would like to experience in our organization. Boat ownership is not a requirement. Along with the check should be the completed Membership Application (see button above right).

   The Membership Chairman can be contacted by phone: (714) 827-9020  or 

   Please mail your completed Membership Application to:

                                                   Little Ships Fleet Yacht Club
                                             3585 Tacoma Ave. 
                                             Los Angeles, Ca. 90065-1725

                           or scan and attach/send to:   
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