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   "WELCOME to the Little Ships Fleet Yacht Club website! Based in beautiful Alamitos Bay, LSFYC, is a fully accredited, non-profit yacht club. We belong to the major yachting associations in Southern California and our focus is on boating activities including sailboat racing and club cruises to Catalina Island and other yacht clubs during the year. LSFYC, with the encouragement of diversity and inclusiveness, has a wide range of members of various ages and experience and the member fleet is comprised of many sizes of boats. Owners of any kind of boat, sail, power, electric or trailerable are welcome. We also have room for non-boat owners as well! If you're interested in finding out more about or joining us, please click on the Membership button above. We look forward to hearing from you.


                                                               LSFYC MISSION STATEMENT

  It shall be the mission of this Club to continue our long-standing tradition to enjoy, promote and appreciate the beauty and benefits of the sailing experience and boating in general, and to welcome all applicants who share the sentiments expressed here.

   At a time when many Long Beach yacht clubs are having a hard time filling their mahogany paneled bars and dining rooms with well heeled members, one club continues to thrive since its' beginning in 1937... Little Ships Fleet Yacht Club. With a facility (the Shed) operating out of the Alamitos Bay Marina, LSFYC offers a yacht club program at a fraction of the usual cost! We think of ourselves as a blue collar rather than a blue blood yacht club! We are a fully accredited, non-profit yacht club and are affiliated with the Southern California Yachting Association as well as several other major yachting organizations in Southern California. Our emphasis is on sailboat racing with socially orientated member activities and club cruises to Catalina Island throughout the year. 

   LSFYC has a wide range of members of various ages and experience and the member fleet is comprised of many kinds and sizes of boats, Although LSFYC does not provide sailing instruction, some of the members are relatively new to racing and find an ideal support group at LSFYC to show them the ropes. Some of our members have participated in major yachting events such as the Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race and the Transpacific Yacht Race to Hawaii. Some of the LSFYC ladies have been actively involved in racing and have earned their share of trophies!

   Owners of any kind of boat are welcome. You don't even have to own a boat at all!...join before you buy your dream boat...crew a little (our members are always looking for crew to help!)...go out on a Race Committee experienced sailors, make new friends and get a real taste of the fun and joy of the yachting experience!

   One of the greatest benefits of a yacht club membership is that membership provides an avenue for participation in organized yacht racing events not available to non-members and it offers the opportunity to get involved in member volunteered social events and activities that can be shared and enjoyed with a group of people that have the common interest of sailing. Improving your sailing (and boating) skills and knowledge, enjoying your boat more and having more fun with your family is what Little Ships Fleet Yacht Club is all about! 

   Membership meetings are held at the LSFYC Shed and various locations or restaurants through out the Long Beach area…see the website for times and locations, or give us a call! If you are a sailor who's thought about racing or cruising with your boat (or a power boater looking for something more to do with your boat), but not certain of how to go about becoming involved, or if you and your family are new to sailing and want to learn more and have more fun, then LSFYC might be for you!

   You are certainly welcome to attend any of the meetings or give us a call to find out more about Little Ships Fleet Yacht Club.