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   So what do all the those flags on the Race Committee Boat mean? How do you set up a Start Line and just how do you pick those courses for the various classes? And just what is an RRS 26 Start Sequence? 

   Sign up for Race Committee Duties on the next LSFYC sponsored race and find out. See sailboat racing from a whole different  perspective. Contact Fleet Captain, David Donohue, if you are interested in joining the Race Committee.

  LSFYC is sponsoring 2 races this year for which we may need a Committee Boat  and crew. Please contact the Fleet Captain if your interested in providing the Committee Boat or filling any of these designated positions, no experience necessary, except for the PRO Position. 

  If you are interested in being a PRO (Principal Race Officer), you'll need to take the 3 day US Sailing Race Management Seminar and pass the written test given on that day. If you are interested in becoming a PRO, contact our current PRO, Treasurer Dick Martin, for more information.  
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